MetalCow Mentors

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” - Isaac Newton

Industry and College Mentors

Inspire students to learn through exploration —

and build the workforce of tomorrow

Our distinguished industry mentors give their time and energy to help students learn: programming, computer aided design, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, writing, graphic design, business planning, presentation, fundraising, and animation skills.

Who are FIRST mentors and coaches? Our team members say it best. A mentor/coach:

Can be a person of any age, teaching others what they know.
Brings either technical or non-technical expertise to the team.
Provides the opportunity for students to learn directly through experiences.

Business and Finance

MetalCow is like a small robotics company. Teach students to manage the business aspects of the team, to manage our budget, track parts inventory, and plan for team sustainability.

Design and Manufacturing

What would a robotics team be without a working robot? Mentor students as they design and build the mechanisms for a 120lb aluminum chassis competition robot.

Marketing and Graphic Design

Inspire students through art! Guide students as they create a promo video for our team, update the website, or design a poster for an outreach event.

Coding and Electronics

A robot can't compete without a brain, show students how to breathe life into the robot through teaching them wiring, soldering, and programming skills.

What skills can you share?

Areas of Expertise

Software Engineering
Computer Vision
Web Development
DC Electronics
Graphic Design
Mechanical Engineering
CAD (SolidWorks)
Automotive Repair
Welding and Metalwork
Finances and Accounting
Grant Writing
Social Media Management
Marketing and Fundraising
Videography and Film

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MetalCow Robotics has been providing McLean County students a hands-on STEM education and career readiness experience since 2011.

A 4-H SPIN Club which competes in FIRST Robotics Competition, MetalCow Robotics is part of a 501.c.3 non-profit organization.

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